A beautiful Christmas tree gets its looks from its parents

The seed plantation in the Lundbygaard Manor estate is one of the few private seed plantations of its kind in Europe. Around 20 different high-grafted mother plants are established with seed material that has been carefully selected for more than 100 years. The mother plants are selected according to ten different criteria, such as needle firmness, shoot length and uniformity.

In addition to producing beautiful Christmas trees, this long-term selection also benefits the environment, since the selected trees are more resistant to insects, viruses and diseases.

The Christmas tree’s appearance is already predetermined when the seed is planted. After the seed is harvested, it takes 12-13 years to grow into a finished Christmas tree. If the tree is allowed to keep growing, it will produce cones and seeds 50-60 years later. Running a seed plantation for Christmas trees is thus a very lengthy and long-term project.

As of 2016, Lundbygaard Manor estate is 100% self-sufficient in seeds and seedlings. This allows us to maintain traceable, sustainable and bee-friendly production conditions throughout the WHOLE life of the tree. And all parts of the production process are monitored under the GLOBALG.A.P. certification scheme.

In Europe, great importance is also attached to occupational safety when harvesting cones. Here, it is a clear and reassuring benefit that the cone-bearing branches can be reached using a 4-5-metre lift in a plantation with a good working environment. In the Caucasus forests, by contrast, harvesting is done by climbing to heights of 30-50 metres in dense vegetation.

What you can expect of Nordmann Christmas trees from Lundbygaard:

  • 10-20% higher quality level in sorting
  • More uniform quality and narrower trees – less need for trimming
  • Greater resistance to late spring frost – new shoots survive
  • Stronger immune system – less risk of needle loss and insect attack
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